Combine percussion and timpani part

Hello, I am sure this has been discussed already, still I am stuck, trying to write a combined part for a player, who plays timpani and in between some triangle, tambourine and cymbal. To make the life of that musician enjoyable, I am turning a handwritten part into something easier to read.
I used the Dorico procedure and get a result like this:

For my eyes this makes it look unnecessarily complicated, or is this what percussion players expect to see nowadays?
If we compare this with the source:

it looks more pleasant, as all instruments use a five line stave. Trying to make Dorico display these instruments on a five line stave are not successful from my side. Do I first have to build a tailored percussion kit?
There is another problem, in the main score at the beginning of each movement I only get the label of the instrument which the player will play first. What would be the best approach to solve this? Thank you for help.

To me it looks clearer rather than more complicated. Less uniform, but more informative. Changing the staff gives some advantages for reading:

  • shows at a glance whether the current instrument is pitched (Timp vs. other)
  • less clutter on the page, with more whitespace
  • easier to orient to a location when looking away and back

For hand-copied parts it would have been very cumbersome to change the number of staff lines mid-system, but now with computers it is trivial.

For listing the instruments, does the solution in this thread work for you?

In the many years I have been involved with music, I agree the 5-line staff all the way through looks better. And I agree with Mark, decades ago it was so much harder to move to 1-line staves. And the times that I did see it (which was rare), it always looked terrible (poor engraving).

With Dorico, many of the issues from decades ago are not problems anymore. The confusion of going from 5-line to 1-line is mostly gone. However, I personally like the look of 5-line staff more, just because it is so familiar to me.

With that said, I think your new part looks great and is very clear to understand. I agree with Mark’s assessment of more whitespace. Perhaps you might want to change note heads, such as the triangle being the triangle shaped note head.

If you are using Dorico 4, there is a way to change instrument to the player card name. That might be a way to fix your naming issue.