Combine separate percussion players into a kit

I would like to create a drum kit using four existing individual players (parts are already written out). Is that possible or do I have to assign three of the players to one and then combine them into a kit, which I have done in the past? I am trying to get a drum kit version that is properly engraved and easier to read.

I’m 99% sure that you need to have the instruments in a single player before combining into a kit.

Thanks. That’s what I am seeing so far. It would, however, be a nice feature. Since posting this I added three of the parts to a individual player and combined them. Then I went to edit percussion kit in order to create a five line staff representing a drum set, but I could not get beyond having a four line grid showing the instruments in the positions I placed them. I had the five line staff checked and, also, checked drum set in the upper right. I must be missing something. Entering percussion notes for a drum set up to this point has been a huge challenge. As an example, I might enter four snare drum quarter notes (4/4) and then enter a crash cymbal whole note. The result is four cymbal quarter notes tied together. That is not what I want to see. It gets hard to read and looks too busy.

Layout Options > select the Layout > Players > Percussion > select the kit > choose 5-line Staff.

Notation Options > Percussion > Overlapping notes in the same voice in a kit or grid presentation > choose Truncate to shortest duration.

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Ooooh! I’ll give it a shot…

You just made my life much easier! Thank you!

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