Combine tied notes

i frequently wind up with notes with ties rather than a dotted rhythm. for example i may enter a dotted quarter note but get a quarter note tied to an 8th. two questions. 1. how to avoid this to begin with and 2. how to combine the notes into one. currently i cut the tie and then select the combination icon and then extend the original note… that’s a lot of work.

Quick and dirty: with the note selected, press O (Force Duration), then 6, period.

Better: look at Notation Options–Note Groupings to make sure you have the settings you prefer.

that actually doesn’t work as once the tie is there i have to delete the tie before i can take the action you suggest.

Re-read Dan’s post. Select the note, press O to Force Duration, then press 6, which will change it to a quarter note; then press period to add the dot.

But, a fundamental key to using Dorico is to set the Note Grouping in Notation Options to the settings that you want.

Also, note that when you enter a quarter plus dot: it may display as a tied note until you add the eighth note after it.

It’s possible you need to press o,5,6, period. Because Dorico doesn’t handle the re-writing if the value is the same as the one selected… :person_shrugging: