Combine Video and Audio Export

I think it’d be nice if

1, Video export can be put on the same queue with audio export, and support circle markers as export regions.
Finish all export settings in one go and have a nice long break as the computer doing all of the export work.

2, There’s an option to get the audio track generated during the video export.
Often times we need an audio track as well as a video track. Since the audio is already rendered during video export, wouldn’t it make sense to make that audio file available? So we don’t have to render the same thing twice.

  1. In Audio export you can use any of the existing tracks/groups/master channel while in video export you can only include the complete mix. Putting the video export as part of the audio export window will introduce total confusion on that regard.

  2. Yes, totally make sense to keep the audio if one wishes to, some kind of a checkbox would be nice.

Although seems there is a way around. If you look at the destination folder, there is a wav file generated as the video is rendering. Make a copy of that before the render finishes.

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