combined dynamic rfp

Hello, I am not managing to create a combined dynamic rfp
Via popover Dorico does not accept this dynamic pattern. In the Engraving Rules I can’t find a way to enable the combined dynamic. If I use Properties I can add a Suffix, but it appears in a different font style. Any help or workaround welcome :slight_smile:

This is, how I would like it to appear:

I would enter both rf and fp and then, in Engrave mode drag one so that the f’s overlap…

Thank you fratveno for this workaround.
Even with fine tuning I am not really getting a 100% overlap:

Also this score (a mass with choir and orchestra from the time of Mozart) has a couple of hundred of these dynamics, so it would be a big time saver not having to drag each individual dynamic combination in Engrave mode though…

I tried further with combining rf and p, then shifting in Engrave Mode:

This is not a solution for 100s of dynamic entries though…

Much better indeed… at least, if you manage to perfect one, you can duplicate them using alt-click, which ain’t so bad :slight_smile:

fratveno, you are right, duplicating is possible and keeps the Offset Properties. I am just a little concerned wether the spacing between the staves might be affected (when I pasted the combined offset dynamic I noticed the staves moving a bit further apart):