Combined group name for percussion label?

I’m trying to figure out a way to condense the label of perc 1 and perc 2 into just Percussion. There seems to be a way to do this for everything except Percussion kits but I’m probably missing something

I want to achieve this effect


Also, how come in my 5 line version of the kit, my dynamics aren’t showing up?


Dynamics added to the single-line presentation don’t appear in the grid or five-line staff presentation, the assumption being that typically you wouldn’t want all of those dynamics to appear when you’re showing a kind of condensed view of the kit. So you have to add the dynamics separately for each presentation type.

As for condensing the staff labels, do you mean that you want a single “Percussion” label between the two staves with no player numbers?

I see. That somewhat makes sense but also somewhat not. How is that different from when you condense two flutes for example? Even though I assume it’s different because it’s a layout method instead of condensing. Would be nice to have it condense like any other instruments. Now I’ll have to make sure I manage the same dynamics for 2 different layouts because in the parts, I’m using the single line instrument layout.

And that’s correct about the staff lable

The difference is that Flute 1 and Flute 2 go to separate part layouts (thus the need for the condensing feature) while the percussion kit all goes to one part layout. And since the kit isn’t condensed in that way, you can select music on it in page view and add dynamics directly on it.

In case of the labeling, you can “hack” something like this.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-31 um 10.08.05

You can create a group with the two players, delete the instruments names (but one has to be named with a empty space. The Perc. (Orch) is the group name. But it is limited in length and italic isn’t possible.
But now you have to pay attention, that the parts are labeled in a sensible manner.


Or even better

Name Perc. 1 to “Percussion” and Perc. 2 to “(Orchestra)”

You can move the text up/down by adding empty lines before/after the name in the edit Instrument name dialogue. (see pic below)

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I see, thanks. Still a little annoying to have the possibility of parts and score de-synced by having to manage it in both layouts. However, it seems that combining into kits instead of using separate players is still the way to go and more flexible.

I was testing and at the very least I could use the “Separate Stave” layout option for the kits and it will show exactly the same thing as if they were separate players not in a kit with those original dynamics

@Nukkul thanks for that method of doing it. I’m curious if there is an even more proper way to do it but the 2nd solution seemed pretty good.

Yes , I also think that my solution isn’t really a good one. It’s more a “if you need exactly this look it’s possible like that”-solution.
Is it really important that the two staffs aren’t labeled with a number and the layout is like this?

It’s not important no, but its a nice to have. Similarly a nice to have would be able to do the same thing with Violins. I think this should be easier, right? I’m sure its a layout setting but I can’t seem to find it

to this

And if there is a way to not have the thick staff line run down the entire string section and only for the violins, and viola, cello and bass separately that would be nice to know :slight_smile:

Engraving options > Staff Labels > Staff labels for idendtical adjacent instruments held by section players

for the brackets

Engraving options > Brackets and Braces > Bracket end design

In Engrave mode in “graphic editing”-mode there are options in the bottom left to set the bracketing to match what you want

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Thanks so much for that! I think this is the last thing that popped up when I changed the barlines. The time sign then appeared on all the brackets, which is what the engrave options is set too. But, of course is not good. The only other options are every staff or at system positions which doesn’t put it in the staff anymore.

Any way to get the best of both worlds? Select which brackets gets the time signatures?

Not at the moment, but it’s definitely something we plan to improve in future.

If you don’t want a bracket to get the time signature, switch to galley view, give every staff within that bracket an independent time signature, hide the independent time signatures and switch back to page view:



Okay, but then I would have to do that for every single time sig change, right? If so, I think I’ll wait for the feature to be implemented, thanks for the idea!

Cool, thanks Dan!