Combined Panner control with CC121

I have a CC121 and use Nuendo 5.

The CC121 panner works with the balanced panner but if I use the “Combined Panner” option - which is my preferred way of working doing post/sound design, the CC121 pan only seems to control the left.

Is this just a bug on my system somehow?
Does this issue affect anyone else.

There should be a way of using a modifier key or something, to allow the pan encoder to control both of the pan settings but I cant figure out how to make it work with anything except the balance panner. Curious if anyone else can.

Anyone else want to use their CC121 panner in combined mode… or is it just me?

Not sure I recall what the “Combined panner” is. On occaision, I’ve used what I think is called “Dual Panner” (shows in the mixer as 2 vertical bars, one for the left side, one for the right) that allows you to controll left/right sides independantly.

CC121 only controls left (I think I recall) but I believe I was able to use the jog control (turn off jog mode and use it as a scroll wheel) to adj the individual panners by hovering the mouse above them. Been awhile since I did this so I’m not certain anymore but i think I recall being able to work it this way.