Combined playing techniques


I think this must have beed discussed in the past, but I can’t find where. In any case, maybe how this is dealt with in the most recent version of Dorico may have changed.

I’m working on my expression map for the full VSL Synchron Duality Strings collection. It contains a huge number of techniques, so many that I’ve finally had to think to an easier solution.

The best one seems to be combining basic techniques into more complex, combined ones.

For example, I might have “sul ponticello, xfading between regular and tremolo”. This can be solved by writing two playing techniques in the score:

  • sul ponticello
  • xfade trem X regular

An item in the expression map is recalled by the two above playing techniques, and trigger the appropriate cell in Synchron Player.

The two above base playing techniques may be used elsewhere, for different combinations. For example, “sul ponticello, xfading between sul pont and regular”, or “flautando, xfading between regular and tremolo”.

It looks like Dorico deals with these combinations very well. I knew this already, since this is how techniques like legato vibrato are created. But this time I had to build them in massive numbers, and as an extended system based on custom techniques.



Useful. Thanks, Paolo.

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Hi Paulo, an interesting approach which can also be used for the other Sychron libraries like Elite Strings which has more than 256 articulations with different timbres and xfades. Just one question how do you activate the xfade? By manually drawing a cc1 (or 2) curve?

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I usually assign CC20 to xfades. But there are cases where I could use CC3 or CC4. It depends on how many levels of xfading there are.