Combing Instruments Into Kit Summons Ghost Cue

Here’s my tale. I combined percussion instruments into a kit. One of the instruments included a cue (from an instrument not in the kit). Combining into a kit removed the cue. However, with cue highlighting on, the source bars of the cue are still highlighted, and the top staff of the layout is highlighted as if the cue were there, which it isn’t. And, when I filter the layout in Galley View to include the cue source staff but not the top staff, the resulting top staff is then highlighted as if it contained the cue – eerie.

This old post seems related, but restarting Dorico didn’t resolve my issue.

This is a relatively minor issue, but I do think cue highlighting is helpful, and extraneous highlights make it less so.

Any ideas appreciated!

EDIT: I was able to revert to a backup made before combining instruments, delete the cue first, combine, then reapply the cue. So this is resolved, but it does seem like a minor bug.

Another way to resolve this is to go to the Players page of Layout Options, find the relevant percussion player with the kit, and set the presentation type for the kit to Individual instruments temporarily; this will go back to showing the instruments in the kit as individual single-line instruments, so you can then delete the spurious cue.

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Good to know. Thank you!