Combing part layouts

Unless I’m asking the wrong question a search tells me there’s no topic on this and I couldn’t find anything in the instructions.

I’ve subdivided the orchestral string section into two of each - e.g. Violas 1 and 2, Cellos 1 and 2 etc.
It would be useful to combine the part layouts for each pair. Is this possible? Maybe something like turning the players into a new group or the like?

Many thanks if you can help and apologies if I’ve missed a trick somewhere.

You can add multiple Players to any Layout. Just select the Layout in the right-hand panel, and tick the Player in the left-hand panel.

Also, if they share the same Part, Divisi could work here.

Thank you - much appreciated. Exactly what I wanted.

For your own reference, the relevant task in the manual is here, with a broader overview of the relationships between players, layouts and flows here.

I’ve made a note of the phrase “combining part layouts” to check whether that’s already in the topic’s metadata, and to add something along those lines if not. Thanks!