Combining 2 trumpet parts to print as 2-line pair?

I have a short brass piece with trumpet I and II parts. I’d like to print those out as two trumpet lines on the same part for players. Presumably Dorico can do this sort of thing, but I admit I haven’t seen how. I did add a two-part trumpet “ensemble” to the layout and copied the origninal parts into it, but that still is treated as two separate parts. I suppose I could just make a temporary full score with only the trumpet parts (or fake it starting with a 2-line piano staff), but is that the only way?


You mention a piano staff, so I deduce you want to show systems of two staves, and not to condense both parts into one staff?

If I understand correctly, it’s very easy: in Setup mode, you can highlight one of the Layouts (either Trumpet 1 or 2, or even a new Layout created for the purpose) and then tick the boxes next to the Players’ name, on the opposite side of the screen. Highlighting a Layout will show which Players are assigned to that Layout; clicking the Trumpet 1 part should show only Trumpet 1 in the Players menu on the left ticked.

You can also do it the other way around: select Trumpet 2 in the Players menu, on the left of Setup mode, right-click it and select Layouts > Trumpet 1.

Thanks. That (or something like it) worked. On the right side Setup panel I highlighted and right-clicked each trumpet part and at the Player prompt assigned each to Trumpet I. This nulled one of the trumpet entries on the panel and labeled the other as “Trumpet in Bb I & Trumpet in Bb II”. Then the two trumpet parts did indeed show up on different staves on the same page of the new trumpet(s) part – the effect I was after. I must say, though, that it’s taking some time for all of this to sink in.

Thanks, again.