combining audio and video track

I just finished a project where i scored audio to video.

Now that I’m finished, how do I save the video and audio track together in to a .mov file?

Hello Aldersyde,

downlod Format Factory. There is a page that is called MUX. There you can merge audio and video tracks.


It is called “Replace audio in Video file”
A couple things I have found to make this work smoothly:
Export your audio that you want on the video, make sure the export markers are set to the length of the video.
Also work with a COPY of the video you want with the new audio. I make a new folder, copy the video to it and copy the exported mix to the same folder, that way it is easier to select both the files from the same location when you select the “replace audio in video file” process. This also is a good backup of the work you are doing
Working with the copy also leaves the original audio on the video file in place in case you need to reference it again.

And make sure your MOV is not an MP4 with AVC coding. Make it H264, photoJPEG or ProRes.

Best, Alan