combining beams


The following example does not work:

However, the following example works:

Thus, I must convert the first example to the second example to combine the beams. I think I do not work efficiently?
Is there any way to do it?

What are you trying to do? If tieing the dotted quarter to the eighth doesn’t work, it’s because you used Force Duration to add the dotted quarter originally. Select the dotted note, hit O (to turn off Force Duration) then hit T to tie.

Since we can’t even guess what the time signature is (there are no bar lines that show a complete bar of music) it’s hard to know what you are want to do in these examples.

The time signature of the examples is 12/8
Sorry for omitting it.

Ah! In that case you’ll need to use Force Duration to combine them into a half/minim. It’s somewhat unorthodox, though…