Combining different VSTs in a single project

Hi all,

I’m pretty new at using VSTs but I’m excited by Dorico and Noteperformer’s emerging abilities to create more believable results straight from the notation.

Not being super familiar with all of the production side of things, I am being somewhat stumped by how to combine various VSTs into a single project. Is is possible to have BBC Spitfire audio coming through Noteperformer Playback Engines, while also running the drumset through Groove Agent SE, and maybe keybaords through Piano Teq?

If so, can anyone point me in the direction of how to set this up from scratch? I’ve been pouring over the manuals and help for each software, and it all just seems very confusing. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Short answer: yes. Use Manual Endpoints at the top of the list of the VST instruments when you’re building up your playback template, so that dorico allocates the instruments that those will feed first, and then (auto mode) all the other instruments will be handled by NP4. If you happen to own NPPEs, you can have that open and ready to play, and NP will automagically use it (instead of its own sounds).
There’s been a discover Dorico where John explains how to build a custom playback template (my default one is a Pianoteq+NP one which works perfectly).

Thanks!! I will check that video by John. I appreciate the help!