Combining flows

In order to maintain layout parameters for each flow, I’ve constructed them in separate files. Now wanting to combine the flows into one continuous score (and parts). Flow import however alters the layout of the imported file in what looks like a random way. What am I missing?

I hope to understand you correctly. On the first glance I would suggest to export the master pages of each flow. Then, after combining the flows you can import the master pages again in order to get the layouts you want.
On the other hand, if it comes to paragraph and text styles, vertical distances, aso., you have global settings for the whole project. So, if you want to have different parameters and fonts for each flow, you have to change this manually in engrave mode.

When you import a Flow, you are just importing the music. Not the Layout of the project it was in. The Flow is added into the Layout(s) of the receiving project, which obey the Layout Options, Master pages, etc of the project.