Combining Glide time and Triplet

If you got to a zone and look at the “Voice Control Section” (it is the very first section) and then click the Glide tab, enable glide, and finally enable sync you will see that the time and the triplets are separate parameters. It is the only menu I’ve found where time is separate from triplets. I attempted to write a lua script to combine these into one parameter like the other sync’d time menus but it failed to work. Can someone please help me here? I’m looking to make it work the same way the others work so that it goes down the list alternating between the time value and the time value with triplet enabled.

Hm, looks like scripting is the only way here…

Maybe this works, there are sure some more elegant ways, like maybe dynamically filling the table, but this was the quickest solution I came up with tonight:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

This one had me curious, so here is another way to do it.

Only thing is that it turns on the triplet setting when the sync factor is set to “Off”. It being off, means it has no effect though.
This can be fixed with a few extra lines, but I didn’t feel it was necessary.

glideSyncValues = {}
zone = this.parent:getZone()

for i = 1, 10 do
	local syncVal = (2 ^ (i - 2))
	if i == 1 then
		glideSyncValues[i] = "Off"
		table.insert(glideSyncValues, "1/" .. tostring(syncVal))
		table.insert(glideSyncValues, "1/" .. tostring(syncVal) .. " T")

function onGlideSync()
	if glideSync % 2 == 0 then
		setSync, setTriplet = glideSync / 2, false
		setSync, setTriplet = (glideSync - 1) / 2, true
	zone:setParameter("VoiceControl.GlideSyncV", setSync)
	zone:setParameter("VoiceControl.GlideSyncT", setTriplet)

defineParameter("glideSync", nil, 1, glideSyncValues, onGlideSync)

Thanks fellas!