Combining instruments differently for different flows


how do I combine instruments differently for different flows?

1.) There are some movements, where Cello/Double Bass are identical and should get only one staff. However, there are others where they need to get separate staffs.

2.) In an baroque aria, all violins and violas play the aria unisono and should be put together on one single staff. In the other movements, they are separated.

How do I do this, so I get the correct parts, but no duplicate staves in the score? Can the playback work for all instruments, especially cello and double bass?


I would use separate players for this, change the label and assign them to the appropriate flow.

For playback I wonder if NP or Halion are able to trigger two instrument sounds out of the same MIDI channel?

ok, but how do I get the music in the corresponding part?

Especially the violin/viola aria: In the violin part it should be in treble clef, in the viola part in alto clef.

Is there some possibility to hide staves in the full score?
Then I could enter Vl1, Vl2, Vla as three staves, but would hide two of them in the score. However, I don’t know how to do this.

Only workaround I thought of: Making a separate dorico project for the full score and eliminating the unneccesary staves there.

May someone has a better solution…

You can easily omit certain players from any layout. Select the layout ok the right column, and uncheck the players you wish to omit.

As of 3.5 you can hide staves at the start of any system or frame. Create a system or frame break, then double click it. Alternatively do Edit > Staff > Manual Staff Visibility.

You can choose whichever instrument/player you need in a layout. Nothing prevents you from using players in recitatives and others in arias…
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