Combining Instruments into Kit setup

I m typesetting a Brass Ensemble piece that involves percussion.1 part involves 3 players (Snare Drum, Bass Drum, and suspended Cymbal) The next involves 3 instruments (Triangle, single Timbale, and chimes). I have tried to combine instruments into a kit for these parts on a 5 line staff. When editing the location of the instruments on the staff while having selected the 5 line staff, when I apply and close, I see the instruments on single lines. The second instrument doesn’t even show chimes and an instrument for the player. I ask this because I am attempting to recreate the original handwritten score in Dorico.

I don’t think — but I might be wrong — you can have different players on the same 5-line-staff. But you can have different players on the same Layout. Can you post a picture of what you’re trying to do? It shouldn’t be too complicated for Dorico :wink:

Thanks for that.
Single line Percussion

I was able to go into Layout settings and restore the 5 line staff.

Don’t you want to have one player play the cymbal, snare and bass drum, all on a 5-line-staff? The thing that was wrong in your first post is that each instrument was given to a new player (that is what I understood you did). Then the other two instruments are held by another player (in grid or individual lines).
You set the representation under Layout options >Players >Percussions
Hope it helps

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