Combining notes and slash voices on the same staff

Hi people. I want to have notes as normal on the staff, and slashes as well on the same staff. I know they need to be different voices, but every time I bring the slash region back over notes I’ve input, the notes disappear.

Is it that I can’t use a “slash region”, and must input slashes differently? I’m also not sure how to input slashes, other than using a slash region.

I know I did this once, but some time ago, and I can’t remember how, nor can I seem to ask the right question in the manual to bring up an answer.

I’m on dorico-5 now, Win11. Thanks for any help.

So you’re looking for the “4 stemless slashes per bar” but with notes as well?

I would just use a slash voice and use stemless noteheads:

You can also adjust where on the staff the slashes sit.

@Lillie_Harris has it, thanks so much. :slight_smile: