combining parts in Dorico from different staves one and vice versa

So Problem #1.

**For example, I have two flute parts that I wrote on different staves. As a result, how can I make these two parts in the score written on the one stave?
Or vice versa. I wrote two parts on the same line, as a composer usually does when creating a score, and then I quickly need to get two different parts from it for performers (outside of the score).

Is it possible to do this quickly in Dorico? Do you already know how fast it can be done?


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Dorico handles this the first way: you write the music on two separate staves, then turn on Condensing. Dorico magically merges it onto a single staff in the score. You can then use the global Notation Options > Condensing to influence the results, and locally use Condensing Changes to change the rules along the way.

It is crucial that you familiarise yourself with Dorico’s condensing calculations and considerations before you start fiddling. See Condensing calculations and considerations

If you need to split out a single stave to multiple staves, as in your second paragraph, the Edit > Paste Special > Explode function might come in handy.

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And, @user144 , it is also wise to “fiddle” on a copy of your file and keep the original as a backup for safety.

That said, fiddling (and consulting documentation) is a great way–and perhaps the quickest way–to learn.

Thank you very much. I will study the Condensing calculations and considerations.