Combining several GA SE4 tracks under one drum MIDI editor


My “problem” is that I’m using Groove Agent SE 4 for editing my drums but the default 16 slots for drum instruments is way too low - at least for me. So I have created 4 instrument tracks with GA4 associated with them all and I have one instrument track for different bassdrum sounds, snare sounds - and another for symbals etc. etc. and I of course want to edit the drums, and I have to edit the drums with the drum editor separately on all those 4 instrument tracks so that the drums’ outcome is a complete drum “track”, if you like.

Anyway, it’s extremely hard having to edit separate instrument tracks for all the different kinds of drum sounds in order for the outcome to be a completely perfect drum session, since when you are on the different drum instrument track, you cannot see what and how the samples and hit points are configurated on the other three instrument drum tracks.

So is there a way to somehow connect all those four separate instrument tracks in a way that I could edit drums with a drum editor so that one single drum editor includes the drum sound samples from all the 4 separate tracks in one single drum editor?

That would be a huge improvement on your software - maybe it can be done somehow but I have now clue that how. I have tried to search the net for the answer but without success.

So basically - wanting to express myself as clearly as possible - I would like to combine or “link” all those 4 instrument drum tracks under the single editor.

There are screenshots of my current configuration and I hope that they help. I have some 50 separate drum sample sounds so that’s why I have to try to use this kind of an arrangement.

Thank You!


There is an option that lets you see all the midi data on the tracks instead of
opening editors. I dunno how it is called. Maybe track view or track editor.
But maybe this works ok for you.

You activate it right on the track. I attached a picture.
Also dunno if you can get the drum editor instead of the
piano roll.