combining the new vocal comping and group edit feature?

I have not had time to experiement and I expect that it will work, but I am surprised that none of the new feature promotional material talk about what I hope to do:

Record an instrument with multiple mics say 4-5 takes
Then do all my comping on one track and have it reflect in the other tracks.

So it is like taking advantage of the new comping lanes but also over multiple tracks like the new group edit feature.

Will it do this? Or is the new comping lanes assuming that you have only one source?

To make it happen do I have to use the “group” funciton on the separate takes in the edit menu? or just grab the tracks (with all the separate takes there in ) and clivk move to a new folder and enable group edit?

It seems to me that either method would work, but I am wondering what the advantages of one over the other might be.

Okay I am using it now to comp a sax solo that was captured in 4 takes with 2 mics - This is AMAZING

I am sold on the upgrade - tommorow I will be at my local steinberg dealer to upgrade from C6 (30 day demo) to the real deal!