Combining Tuplets

Hi Folks,

I’m editing a piece where I’d originally put in a series of tuplet gestures as paired quituplets and would like them to be decouplets (obviously same note values across). I would like to convert or combine them into the decouplet rather than having to re-enter all of the paired quintuplets… I haven’t seen anything in the forums specifically addressing this kind of tuplet converting or combining. I’ve attached a screen shot of the tuplets.



I am quite confident that, if you enable insert mode (keystroke i) and then delete the couple of “5” of the quintuplet, it will look messy, but then select the first note of the wanted decouplet, press the keystroke for tuplets, 10:8 in the popover, everything will then look exactly as you want, without having to re-enter the notes. Hope it helps !

Thank you! This solved the issue! (I’d played around with Insert but hadn’t tried this specifically)