Combining two parts on one print sheet

I have a side drum and clash Cymbal part - one percussionist wants to have those merged/combined on the same print sheet. Can I do that?

Do they play “simultaneously” (hard to imagine)? Then creating a custom Kit is your answer.
Do they play at different times, then moving both instruments into the same Player will suffice.

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Or just assign both existing players to the same part layout.

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Thank you Derrek and Lillie - both approaches are an excellent solution. Creating a Custom Kit leaves me with an Empty Handed Player when I reverse the process of creating and populating the Kit to get back to my original Set up - I could also have discarded the changes on closing the project but I wanted to see what happened. Lillie’s approach of Assigning 2 Players to 1 Layout, results in a more legible Print. I’ll ask the percussionist which is preferred.

the percussionist preferred the Assigning Players to one Layout approach - trust that’s helpful