Combining velocity and modulation expression

Hello Cubase users. I’m working with HALion Symphonic Orchestra. I understand why most of the VST instruments are set up with the Expression Controller set to Modulation. That way, long notes can be made to swell and fade. But I really like the degrees of expression provided just by velocity.
Does anyone know if there is a way to combine both? That is, to get the instrument to play back the differences of attack from the velocity, but also to play swell and fade from Modulation.
Thanks for any advice.


What do you mean “by Velocity”? Do you mean CC7? Yes, of course you can combine it. The Modulation should sound better, because even the colour of the sound should change, same as the real instruments do.

So if you change CC1, it sounds like the player changes the velocity on his instrument. If you use CC7, it sounds like a sound engineer changes the volume fader on his mix console.

Velocity and expression are independent. Both can be low or both can be high or any combination in between.

Thanks to Glenn and Martin. I know that Cubase can READ both velocity and modulation at the same time.
But what I’m trying to understand is this… The HSO VST instruments have an “Expression Controller” setting which can be set to read Velocity or Modulation. But, as I understand it, these VST instruments can read only one or the other, not both. (Or am I wrong?)
For instance, when I set “Expression Controller” to Modulation, it certainly does not play back the note velocities. And when I set “Expression Controller” to Velocity, then it plays the velocities, but I don’t hear any modulation playback at all.
So what I want to know is this. Is there a way to get HSO instruments to READ both Velocity (for articulation) and Modulation (for cresc. and dim.) at the same time? And, if so, how do I set the VST instrument to read and PLAY BACK both Velocity and Modulation?
Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.


I’m sorry, I don’t know HSO very well. Could you point out to the Operation manual, where is this feature described in HSO? Is it here on the page 16 (Expression Mode and Expression Controller options)?

Hello Martin, Thanks for your replies.
Yes, you’re right. It’s on pp. 16-17 of the HSO manual. Following the designations on p. 17, I find that Fade+Velocity gives great expression for fast passages and short notes, but no swell. Whereas Fade+MIDI Controller (Modulation CC1) gives great swell but no articulation on short notes in fast passages. I’m looking for a way to get the best of both worlds: articulation on short notes and swell and fade on long ones.
(Yes, I’m aware that Main Volume can be controlled by CC7, but that is not linked to velocities. It just turns up the volume.)
The manual says about Switch+Velocity “In this mode, there is no way of continuous expression control.” (p. 17) But it seems to me that the same is true of Fade+Velocity too, ie, there is no way to combine Fade+Velocity with Fade+MIDI Controller (CC1).
So, if there is no way to combine them, is there a SysEx code that will change from one to the other. That way, I can play pizzicato with Fade+Velocity, then send a code to play long notes with MIDI Controller (CC1).


It’s not possible to combine them. I don’t think there is a SysEx to change these 2 modes, but I expect you can automate it.

I would probably recommend to use 2 tracks. One for the short Notes, another one for the long Notes. Then you can even combine both articulations.

Hi Martin. Many thanks. Do you know offhand how I might automate it?


Try to enable Write automation in the track. Start playback in Cubase and change the settings in HSO. The automation should be written. Then you can Show Used Automation of the track.