Combining voices turns notes into ties

I believe my engraved version is an accurate musical representation of the manuscript (MS)
How can I display it in the less cluttered way of the original?
G2, G3 and C4 as minims (half notes).
F#4 as a crotchet (quarter note).

It’s possible, I guess, using a separate voice for the minims/halfs, hiding their stems from the properties panel and setting Voice Column Indices to 0, but uncluttered or not, it doesn’t follow modern best practices.

Hi adshort.
Use different voices!
You can use as many voices as needed in Dorico, you create them pressing shift-V while the caret is on, and navigate through the created voices pressing v repeatedly (not shift-V!)
Since you’ve already inputted the notes, select the ones that need to be halve notes, invoke the context menu>voices>change voice>new up/downstem voice.
If you want the stems to overlap, set the notation options >voices accordingly, and if it still doesn’t make it, select the notes from different voices and make sure they share the same note column index (set them to 0, this usually is ok)
Hope it helps!

[Edit] as usual, Leo is faster!

I get your point about matching the original. And I first agreed that the original (if it were engraved) was simpler.

But then something happened when I tried to visualize myself playing it, Its like my brain stuttered thinking, Okay, I have to hold the C and G, the base is in quarters and what is that top rhythmn? Its like it made my brain fragment trying to manage independent fingers/lines. My poor skills not withstanding, the modern version was calming/clear. Kind of an interesting experience actually on the difference engraving choices can make.

Thank you all. I am not a keyboard player. I have achieved the effect (Marc) and now have two versions to offer.