Combining VST Instruments from Nuendo into Cubase

There seems to be different VST instruments in each program. If I have Cubase 6.5 installed, will Nunedo 5.5 recognize all the VST’s installed with Cubase?

Yes. Add the (common) VST instrument path in Nuendo’s plug-in configuration.

That makes sense. I assume I don’t have to run Cubase at the same time.

You assume correctly.

have you had any experience syncing PC running Cubase/Nunedo with a iMAC running Logic? That would give me the best of both worlds. I like the sounds of ESX but they only run it as AU so Cubase/Nuendo doesn’t recognize it.

In the same machine at the same time can be dicy. I haven’t tried on a mac, but on PC, you can sync programs using a virtual midi patch bay. A rewire app would be much better since you can connect the audio.

Now, if you had an old mac slave to run logic, there are a few of ways you could link up. MTC sync and do an audio stream either digital or analogue between the 2.

I have synced to protools and vegas at different time. It was a bit buggy and did crash a lot.