Come on Steinberg just be honest about C7.5

Short and sweet
If your going to break features and works flow stuff in C7.5 why can’t you just be honest and let people know that it will be removed and then replaced at a later date .
Just removing or breaking something like the channel edit connection window is not good really is it ?
The issue with the newly implemented instrument track thingy not connecting the outputs properly is a bit of a joke .

I haven’t upgraded to the 7.5.10 and don’t intend to now and to be honest i will do exactly what i done when C4 was released and sit on the fence and watch the chaos evolve .
Why can’t you just tell people before that for a while this is not going to be usable but for good reasons will return at a later date .
Surly that’s not to difficult is it ? It will do you customer services and reputation a wealth of good because right now it’s pretty crap !

Only trying to be Honest Steinberg

well its been the whole cubase 7 saga! over a year and things are still broken in the program. what the heck is going on with steinberg.
i still keep buying the updates hoping they will get it right but switched to a different sequencer just over a year ago. Even though i’m happy with my choice i always give steinberg the benefit as i was with them for over 10 years.

for me 6.5 was the most stable, 7 has just been a nightmare that just wont end…when i wake up ,i keep going back for more

Same here, 6.5 is the best Cubase version ever, the 7 saga is really stressful, never worked as expected, until now. My personal thinking is they changed the programmers with no professional people like before. Maybe a Yamaha choice? We don’t know but from Yamaha coming all changed in the bad way, focusing on stupid features like karaoke, big huge instruments Rack, space missing on the new mixer. They confused cubase with a iOS application. Cubase is a big incredible software with long legacy absolutely not easy to redraw and reprogram, and the project manager could under stimate the software.