Come on steinberg update please

HI all .i getting fed up with the lack of progress to cubase 7, i need the fonts sorted in the mix console trying to read tracks and plugins is driving me crazy.
see the screenshot.
Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 15.20.50 (2).png

i hate complaining personally… but this is the 2nd time i have had to roll back an update… :frowning: quite a shame really… heres hoping the next version is rock solid

the mixer track naming system really does need changing it is horrid . :frowning:

the mixer really does need changing it is horrid :smiling_imp:

Huge +1 … they have to fix the plugins and the font :S I never rolled back but 7.0.5 is driving me crazy!! I hate having to open the plugins to deactivate it. it seems like one update out of 2 is good … 7.0.2 and 7.0.4 where pretty good compared to the others …

I’m jumped on Logic X because im so tired of shoddy updates from SB. Seriously never thought I’d enjoy it as much as I am. Really solid .O release.

+1 (provided your mix console has a lower half that is - see link below)

And its high time they stopped the MixConsole from falling to pieces on selected users machines so it doesn’t look like this when they open it:

Cubase 7.0.5 Hall Of Shame (MixConsole hell)

As always I try to remain optimistic and just hope the MixConsole (bane of my existence) will finally be functional in the next update (insert beg/plead emoticon here) :cry:


Kat :slight_smile:

The mixer really does need to be in 6.5.5 as Bredo loves it so much :wink: .

The mixer idea is good but the naming and having to activate each zone to use the features is definitely tedious .

It should be after 4 years (or 3 or at least 2) of beta testing :laughing:

I have to agree about the “mixer”. I don’t like it (read: hate it). everything in it is counter intuitive : the stretching (can you show me ONE hardware mixer - aka “console” - that you can STRETCH ?), the way plugins are chosen… the “folding” thing… the huge amount of colors. etc etc (etc).

Gotta be honest : going back to 6.5.4 was such a relief. never have I stumbled into a software mixer that gives me ANXIETY.

BTW, the mixer truncated text is easy to solve : it ONLY shows fully when mixer tracks are fully zoomed out. try it.

I think Steiny is simply getting ready for large touch screens. It seems to de-emphasize the use of the mouse and keyboard. The strange zooming capabilities reminds me of my smart phone. I know certain Taiwan companies are developing large HD 40-60 inch touch screens that can lie flat on a desk. (Virtual Mixers!)
In the mean time we have to struggle with this development weirdness.

I agree that for us who use CB every day it would be better if we could have the option to switch mixers.

(But I guess Stieny would not have so many free testers)

Hope we get real progess soon.

According to a report I was recently reading, this time next year sales of touchscreens will be outselling standard screens.

those are numbers that include smart phones and tablets … It doesn’t take into account detailed editing doesn’t work as well as pushing/dragging one function buttons on those devices.

Still on 7.0.2 here, and won’t be changing til they fix the font / “intelligent” shortening of names. I get that some don’t like the mixer at all - fine - but personally I’m ok with it as long as I can read what any of the tracks are. I can’t see them rolling back to a 6.x mixer, but it’s perfectly reasonable to expect to be able to read what you’re doing in the new one.

Has anyone from Steinberg ever acknowledged the huge problems many of us are having with these issues? Has one person bothered to address the myraid of threads at any point?

yes this naming scheme is really annoying. :neutral_face:
I hope Steinberg fix it soon.

Do Yamaha make video monitors? (If not already, perhaps they’re looking for a shoe-in to the market)

Thats probably true but it will snowball. Regarding the poor accuracy of the control mechanism, technology always advances and that will improve. It would be wrong to invest in the technology now, even Cubase doesn’t actually feature code to support the devices - yet, this is just prepwork for the inevitable.

Logic X has been updated just 9 days after release… Pretty impressive, especially as .0 is solid. Don’t drop the ball, Steinberg. I’m losing faith after 7 months of updates and little progress. For the first time in 25 years I’m actually considering a permanent switch to Logic.

still no word on the next update? logic pro 11 be out soon!

Well, in four years time :wink:

And i LOVE CB7.05. I LOVE the new mixer. To me the workflow is better than ever before. It’s stable with NO issues whatsoever. I also own Logic (9) and have had that for years. Previously I considered Logic to be the better of the two, but after 7, Logic is no match for CB. I tried out LPx at a friend and that “stereoid garageband thing” did not speak to me and everything considered “new” were just rip offs of CB. Roles have changed. Steinberg is the leading daw company.

The only thing I would like to see changed very fast is the crazy, lame and stupid handles of the inserted pluggs. Media Bay is (and has always been) very weak. Had to make my own database in FileMaker. Much better.

Jugding from CB 7.06 the track naming in the mixer will be changed and will include two rows. It never bothered me as it is now anyway as I use the notepad for enhanced information , but for those of you that do not like it as it is, it is worth taking a look at the postings from the beta testers.

I have finally got to do some serious mixing in Cubase 7(.0.5). And I cant understand why so many people complaint so much. Best mixer in a DAW Ive ever used. And Ive used PT(7.4-10) and Logic (8&9). If youre serious about music, the options and flexibility should count more than fonts and look. The scalability in C7 mixer is great too. (Ok, you can start flaming me now… :mrgreen: )