Come on

Hi everyone,

A lot of things pending. Maybe too many for the expectative and making the change from Sibelius in the daily work, but anyway I have to say the Dorico design and philosophy are outstanding … a great challenge and long way but … beautiful. Your bet for the innovation is clear.

I´m Steinberg client user Atari´s Cubase 1.0 and now I recently updated my studio with the Nuage System production. Nuendo with NEK and I have to say everything is amazing and overall useful. But I still have to work with Sibelius because Dorico has too many pending things, most of them wroten in other threads.

Overall I´ll make the change at the moment that Dorico could be a tool not just printing scores (long way to achieve Sibelius skills). I think the key is the integration with Cubase(or Cubendo) in the same application or not, helping to inspire writing music. In this moment will be the king of composer tools. One functionality more or less in this function or that property won’t be so important. Its my opinion.

I also hoped Dorico progress was more advanced after these 3 years, mainly the Engrave editor (…), I supposed you were integrating Halion Sonic for solving the dynamic articulations at least …

… I can´t imagine your pressure and work in your team but I just want to cheer on, to congrat moderately this release and you have to know that there are hundred or thousand of composers waiting your progress.

Come on !!!

I share this viewpoint. Dorico looks as a very promising program, to be fullfilled with features which are essential for the work of a composer, an arranger or an editor. So far, the biggest gap is that of a good manual. A normal user - who is not a computer programmer - badly needs clear, detailed instructions about how to do everything, and Dorico’s help is really weak.


The need for a manual is not just a case of being computer/programmer savvy. It is a case of knowing the keys/abbreviations to press to set various options (of which there are many). Right now (perhaps for good reasons) this information is scattered across many sources–I’m learning a lot just by reading these forum posts–but that is very time-consuming, and most folks probably do not have that much time available).

The program is very promising, but a lot of existing options are hidden behind commands not obvious or readily available to new users. Thank you again to those members of the staff spending hours each day (apparently even on weekends) to reveal some of these “hidden” options.

Go to Preferences > Key Commands, where you can search for a keyword to filter all actions and consult or change the appropriate shortcut.


I am aware of the Key Commands screen, but not everything is on there. Some options are available, but in other places, some of which are not obvious.