Come one Steinberg, last request

If there’s anyone from Steinberg around here. I know you discontinued the CMC units (I went nuts trying to locate them). I know you also stopped development for them and the CC121. I own both, and also 2 UR28M. I also own Cubase, Wavelab, Absolute, as well as many of your expansions. Hopefully I would soon own Spectralayers. I also owned Nuendo in the past, but for personal reasons I won’t portray here, I had to let go the studio business for a couple of years at that time.
I’m really liking the CMC controllers, its too bad they didn’t sold as you wished. They have so much potential, as does the CC121. I would love to further expand their functionality even more to control VST plugin parameters. Yes the AI wheel is nice, but its also nice to open any plugin window with an MCU and be able to access parameters with more knobs, pages, etc, without having to point the mouse. What about controlling the excelent Cubase channel strip, from the polairty button all the way to the gates, compressors, etc. The cc121 has plenty of knobs, the CMC-QC also has some real estate. I tought that since both the PD and QC offered regular midi control, that I was going to be able to set them up to do this. But these are not supported by the remote control editor. Please Steinberg, my humble request is if you can add this support to open these units for some additional functionality, even scripting?. The rotary controls on the CC121 and the CMC-QC, could be mapped to plugin controls, or the pads on the CMC-PD to plugin buttons or switches, maybe active all the modules of the cubase channel strip? Comeone Steinberg, even the MCU does this, how come your own controllers cant? Hell you guys don’t have to do the full implementation from zero, maybe just a simple Mackie emulation mode that could be activated by hitting a combination of keys. I’ve seen this done by some very smart people, there’s youtube videos of implementations of this with your controllers, but it requires third party software, virtual midi ports and a lot of time and brains to implement. Please please consider this as a last release update for these units??? What about a relative fader mode for the FD and CH modules? I mean I like the the touch strip fader implementation, but it could be a little more precise. There’s a clever russian out there that implemented a relative fader position mode wich seems much more precise. I can only hope, after all the investment I and others have made in your company’s products, that you will listen to this, and release some additional support as a last update. Please consider this…

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