"Come Together"

A fresh new spin on an old classic…

Come Together


I am almost always anti Beatles remakes but you killed this and added a great twist to it. I like the mix it sounds old school bet it was fun to cut this one. Love the guitar solo at end (fade) to bad it didn’t go on a little longer :slight_smile:

I echo kzriders sentiments regarding remakes of Beatles songs but you’ve put your own stamp on this very successfully…Kevin

Pretty good if you ask me, comes off as Modern Country – this would be a great move for Tim McGraw :sunglasses:

I like the revoicing of the guitars on when they play the minor 3rd

Thanks guys. Yeah… I agree, it’s always gonna be something of a ‘high risk’ gamble taking on the Beatles. People can be quite protective of them! :slight_smile: And while I’ve heard plenty of covers that play it safe and replicate the original, now and then you hear someone who has plucked up the courage and tried to do something a little more… ‘experimental’. Sounds like we might have got away with it this time. Phew! :wink:


Standing “O” here :exclamation:

Nothing negative to say about this. The only thing different I might have done during the outtro guitar solo would be to reference the melody of the song while you were fading out.

Good job.

I always feel like I’m not supposed to comment on covers. Nevertheless, interesting and unique take on it, which sounds great as usual.