Coming back to Cubase

Hi all,

Iv’e been away from Cubase since SX3 but have decided after testing out the 30 day demo of Cubase 6 to come back aboard. I am having Cubase 6 delivered tommorrow but the question i’d like to ask is how is the 64bit version performing for you?
I’ll mainly be using Komplete 7 and external hardware synths but i also have a couple of 32bit vst’s and iv’e heard people having problems with the bridge in Cubase 6. So… the question for me is either 32 or 64 bit install?

Many thanks for any advice here… tried to locate the old forums but it seems they’re not accessible.



You can install both versions on a 64 bit O/S at the same time and take your pick.

Hi crofter,

Thanks for the advice, i’ll do exactly that.


x64 -its good. =)

welcome back =)

Hi there,

as far as I’m concerned I also would suggest (as all of us) to install both x32 and x64. I reckon though x64 will be your choice most of times, especially with K7 (Absynth, Kontakt4, Reaktor etc…) fully updated (don’t forget to update! I had some problems, before updating).

Best of luck!

Hi all,

Thanks alot, Cubase 6 and Arturia Spark just arrived so im gonna set everything up now. Im keen to see what Spark is like as it was an impulse buy based on videos.
TBH i came back to Cubase because i never really settled with other hosts and since SX3 iv’e been mainly doing sound design and any host will do for that but along with sound design projects im now focusing on production and Cubase, whether SX3 or 6 is really all i know.
Anyways it’s good to be here and nice to meet you all, i wanna check out these Cubase 6 synths and maybe put some new sounds in them soon.
All the best.


Aloha rob and welcome back and to the forum.

If you ever need to access the old forums (which are read-only now)
you can find them here:


(on the Mac side)
32bit was kool but 64 bit is ‘way kool’.

one more here that came back after cubase version 2 and 3 and 2 versions of ableton then after. 6/64 is stable, bridging is not solved completely, but works well. good job they did here.

Hi mate,

Thanks for that link i thought it had gone when i seen this forum. Im happy they kept it i can check on my old posts haha.

Well Cubase x64 all installed. Seems ok up to now but… im missing Reaktor 5 in my plugins so im assuming there’s a x64 version as the other Komplete plugins are available in Cubase as far as i can see. Had one problem though which involved me adding extra vst plugin locations. I installed from Cubase from DVD which was 6.0 or something and it was deleting my plugins folder even after updating plugin information however all was well when i updated to the latest version. I must say i feel right at home again. The new Cubase 6 certainly is nice to work with.

More tests tonight on other stuff anyways, firstly im gonna see if there’s a x64 version of Reaktor, im sure i heard there was.

All the best.


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Thanks alot philter2011 great to be here mate.


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Oh, and welcome back Rob!

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