Coming from C8. New things I should know from previous versions

I’ve been a long time Cubase user since the first SX version. For whatever reason, I have not upgraded Cubase since version 8. I just purchased version 10 and so far, have not had a ton of time to play around with it. I am wondering, what are some of the best new features not only in version 10, but previous versions since version 8. What are the features you find useful and I should be aware of. I know there are probably a lot, but I want to know what are some things people find the most useful and they use regularly. If it matters, I am mostly tracking ‘acoustic’ instruments… ie, acoustic and electric guitars, electric Bass and vocals. These days I am usually programming drums via bfd3 or ezdrummer 2. I know one of Cubase’s strength’s is its midi capabilities. I am very much a novice with midi, but I am using it more and more obviously for my drums and I am adding more and more piano parts (pianoteq & Mellotoon) as well as the occasional synthesizer or string part.
I will say, as I found out very quickly, the lack of a right click menu is not something that I enjoy. I used that quite frequently. I imagine the docking feature at the bottom of the screen will probably be useful as I get used to it. Over the years, I’ve gotten very comfortable with just using the F3 key to go back and forth between the project screen and mixer so that is not a huge deal to me. Also, having things like the media Bay and VST Instruments on the right side of the screen has already proven convenient. There are some features from some other DAWs that I think would be awesome to be implemented into Cubase, but that is a discussion for another thread.
Any info on the subject would be most appreciated!