Coming from LE7 To 8full,Some things I need to know

Hell I have been using LE7 for quite some time and now going to Cubase 8 full version. I have some questions I need help with before I install if anyone can help me.

  1. I’m in the process of recording a new cd and I’ve created 12 projects/songs with LE7 that already has my drums & bass tracks. When I install and open 8 will these projects created with LE7 be able to be opened up and continued finishing each project/song? I don’t want to loose what I’ve already recorded towards my new cd project. If can be, any certain steps to be taken?

  2. I’ve created my own personal template where each track1-16 is already color schemed per track and each track is titled ETC, drums-bass-acoustics- rhythm-lead guitar-voal-tenor-baritone. How can I as this template to be used,imported into the 8 version, if possible. It’s not a major thing to do of redesigning my personal template all over again but would make it easier if it can be already setup & opened for new projects in the 8 version.

And 3, I’ve created & saved my own effect presets ETC reverb,delay,compressor. Can these be imported to use in 8?
The second & third question is something I’d like to know but the 1st question is a must. I know I may be asking alot to be answered but I so excited finally going up to a full version and want to make this transition easily as possible and where I don’t loose my current songs I working on. Thank everyone of you that will take time to read this and give me the best advise!!! :slight_smile:


  1. Yes, it will be loaded and you can continue.

  2. I would recommend you to save the template as common CPR project to any folder. Then open this project in your Cubase 8 and Store it as a new template here.

  3. The Preferences folder is not shared between these two products, so you have to transfer the preset files manualy.