Coming soon ... May 24

No: they are really only useful if you’re using other libraries. They are “Sound Mixing for the rest of us”. Press a button, get a mix. Bosh.

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I can’t seem to find a way to purchase an upgrade. I’ve downloaded the new version, but can’t activate as yet.

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If you’re updating from Dorico Pro 4, you can use this link if you’re so impatient that you can’t wait for the web site to be updated.


…absolutely guilty-as-charged, sir… [thank you]


Darren Jones knew …

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Allow me my usual indulgence:

Happy Dorico Day!


Waking up at 4:30 AM to get this, see what I’ve come to!! :grin:

Holy moley look at those new features … yup, never would have predicted this




I’m just reading the list of features on Daniel’s blog, and it is simply incredible. Thank you, Dorico team!


Yeah interesting release, a lot of focus on playback with a huge raft of tweaks and improvements. I guess the mystery of ‘music that moves’ is obvious now with the live stage.

Interesting though, I’m using EW Play Choirs with a SATB, and the panning follows the Sopranos only, as I move them they all move mono with the girls. Hmm … not sure what’s happening, with Play there’s only one VST which uses 4 MIDI channels in this case, it seems to lump them all together by VST instance?

Make sure they’re all on separate output channels, so they appear as different sliders in Dorico’s mixer.

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Yeah they are, odd (I mean Opus not Play)

From your photo, it looks like they are panned correctly, according to the Stage plan.???

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You mean the live stage window? Yeah I’m playing around, moving the Sopranos around moves everything with it. Moving the other three does nothing. I could record and upload but you get the idea, push the Sopranos to the far right or left and the whole groups goes with it, the other speaker is dead.

That definitely seems like you have all four voices routed to the same output in the EW plug-in, Dan.

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Ah, correct thanks. I just upgraded to Opus so am not familiar with it yet, the output channels changed to “Opus 1-2” and such which I haven’t gotten to understanding yet, makes sense now.

BTW it’s the small things - double tap duration to dot a note in write is so obvious and such genius, love it. Anything to make blasting notes in easier …

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Also pitch contour is a wonderful addition, the very first thing I’ll do to humanize is throw in CC lines everywhere just following the melodic lines appropriately.

We’re working on a second algorithm that will work in concert with pitch contour emphasis to further improve the expressiveness of Dorico’s playback, and expect that to arrive in a future Dorico 5 update later in the year.

Pitch duration? I hope so, that’s the second thing I’ll do, is shorten notes between phrases. So great to have these automated so we can focus on the music …


Yes, and I do believe it was none other than @David_Maddux who had that idea. It was such a good idea that I started implementing it that same day!