Command Clicking on Project Title

When you command-click on the project title in the project window, unlike nearly every native app doesn’t show you the file path of the session in 10.5 instead it takes you to the application path. Not sure how this broke since I thought the OS handled this for native apps.


This is an known and ashtray reported issue.

Great thanks for the reply.

I am sure you are aware but thought I would put it here anyway… if you open up the pool window - In the top titlebar Project Folder : shows the file path of the current session.

Thanks, that is a good reminder. I actually know where my session is in most cases I just use the convenience of command clicking on the project titles to get there quickly. Unfortunately, you can’t copy and use the Go Comift (Command+Shift (⌘⇧)) + g in the Finder to quickly go there. I guess I’ll just use the command “Reveal in Finder” for in the meantime.
Reveal in Finder.jpg

Yay, this has been fixed in Cubase 10.5.10 though it was undocumented as fixed. Thank you, Steinberg!


I can confirm the fix.