Command: Cycle through used midi controllers on one lane

I know you can display all used controllers, but that takes up a lot of space on my 2nd monitor (or if I’m using a preset I made with the standard ones I use).

However, in Logic, you can simply cycle through used controllers and it will display them in one lane. Currently, the only way I can see to do this is to make a preset for each controller then use key commands. That’s a very tedious method.

Is this possible…perhaps with a macro?

That would actually be nice- I’d use it. (this is about midi controller lanes)

Ya I know and that’s why it doesn’t seem much of a stretch to have a key command that could cycle through those instead of having to do it manually. To me that’s a big oversight.

“Toggle Used Automation/Controller First Lane”

Could work for both automation lanes and MIDI CC controller lanes, depending on what window is focused/track selected.

I think this is a request to

A single request, for a single topic. (Please help keep topics clean).

Okay so this is - exclusively - for controller lanes. Automation lanes can go to hell, got it.

Yes, exactly, though I wouldn’t have phrased it that way. :smiley: Automation and midi continuous controllers are distinct from each other. You are certainly free to create a topic with that request. As has been requested, a single feature request per topic.

I will go test this out shortly.

Sorry, that doesn’t exist - I was just defining what the feature could be called

Ah gotcha, well bummer.