Command for muting/unmuting a channel's direct output #1, #2, ... etc.?

Is this possible with a PLE or something?

As far as I can see, Track Operation in PLE offers specific direct routing options, but nothing like specifying mute/unmute of direct output #1, #2, etc…


What exactly do you mean, please? You can work with the Output Name/Chanel filter and you can work with the Track Operation > Connect Input action. But the Direct Routing…?

Direct channel output
(Appears in the rightmost list of the channel settings editor before the fader)


Where can you see it in the Project Logical Editor, please?

Track operation > Connect Output
In the bottom transformer operation box


So the one I mentioned… But this is not Direct Routing option. This is just the 1st output of the channel. In fact the setup, you can make in the Routing tab, not in the Direct Routing tab.

It says ‘Direct Routing’ and it affects the output in this and the Routing tab output. So it looks like they are the same.

To my question though, there is no PLE or command that can mute or unmute 1st output, 2nd output, 3rd output of a channel. Or even sends #1, #2, #3, etc…?


No, there is no way for to control any output from the Direct Routing.

That’s ok

You could add the feature-request tag to the thread. It’s a solid FR I think.

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actually, to be more technically correct, the FIRST output in that section is linked to the direct routing. The subsequent outputs 2, 3, 4, … are independent (but selecting any of those will mute the direct channel routing, so cannot have more than one output at once.)

You can have up to 8 outputs (routes) with the sum mode.

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Should we maybe request they change that name? It’s not “summing” and I’m thinking some users miss out on the function by ignoring the name. Should be called something else, like “latch mode” perhaps…

While on the subject, does anyone know how to go back from multi direct routing (latching buttons) to single (radio buttons)?

Turn summing mode off.


In the Project’s window Inspector.

If this is the case then I believe my initial feature request (being able to mute/unmute any output slot) is even more relevant

I don’t understand the request at all.

If you turn the routing on, it’s on, if you turn it off, it’s off.
Why do you need a Mute button, then? It would be a redundant functionality.

There are no “direct outputs” possible anymore.
You always have output buses. And they already have a mute button.

Or right click in the mixer on the visible direct routing rack header, or right click in the channel editor at the bottom area of direct routing section.

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A) eliminate the manual burden of opening the mixer or channel editor
B) be able to use the command in a PLE on multiple tracks that fit a certain criteria