Command for 'Snap On' only - for Macro use.

This would be great for creating a macro where if selecting your Snap Type or Quantize Presets - if this is happening, likely it’s because snap is needed and is going to get turned on if it isn’t. One less keystroke and no time spent to see if snap is on or off to check whether it needs to be turned on or is already on so that you don’t turn it off.


I also made a request for similar one-way/non-toggle commands:

yeah, i don’t know how this doesn’t exist yet. i’ve had to code my own autohotkey macro to go around this. it’s made my workflow much faster.

Noticed in your other video about having cursor be placed by mouse pointer. Another way for you might just be switching to the playback/scrub tool and clicking on a region. if you have a mouse with multiple buttons beyond the typical 2, just set one to playback/scrub tool.

You can also activate ‘Locate when clicked in empty space’ although not same as clicking right on the waveform, gets you pretty close. see pic.
Screenshot 2016-11-18 07.58.41.png

cheers! i know about those options but i felt sometimes that locating that ‘empty space’ (sic) creates more of a mental decision fatigue than actually navigating back up to the timeline where one can be sure it’s always there. that’s why i ended up creating another solution.

Yup its a pain, still wrapping my head around your solution… Think I might wait and see what`s in C9.