Command+G doesn't work so smooth anymore (Mac)

I use the Command+G (Mac) ALL the time, because Dorico still can’t understand which flow I’m working on - hope the next update will solve this.
But the Command+G and selecting a flow from the subsequent box:

stopped working for some flows !
So trying to select flow nr. 5 MASTER BLASTER - HIGHER GROUND result in nothing.
Hope you can have a look on that!

Could it be the minus sign?


Can you attach or send me a project in which this problem occurs so that I can look into it?

Well it’s a dash, I think it’s called in English.

Hi Daniel
I will do that, thanks!!

Regards Stig

Here it is!


BABB Stevie Wonder (2.4 MB)

Flow number 5 starts with a bar number of 54. If you change that to 1, it will probably work.
Alternatively, in the Bar: field of the Go To Bar dialog, type 54.

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You are right. Can’t change it because it has to sync up with another score.

But you are right, it works.

Maybe we should have a go to flow function?
Right now we have previous and next.

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To summarise why it wasn’t working:

When the Go To Bar function is used, it requires a flow and a bar number.
The flow can be chosen from the drop-down list of flows.
The bar number defaults to 1, or the user can enter a bar number. If the displayed bar number does not exist in the chosen flow, then nothing happens.
In your situation, bar 1 did not exist in the selected flow because the bar numbering started at 54. So, nothing happened.

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Thanks for the project. We can improve this in future such that Dorico goes to the first system in the flow if the specified bar number isn’t found.


That will be a good idea.