Command-N not working right sometimes

On my MacBookPro, Dorico 3.5, sometimes when I try to use Command-N to get into note input mode from my piano keyboard, instead of letting me input, it just freezes and I get the endlessly-spinning beach ball, which lasts forever and there’s nothing I can do. The only way out I’ve found is to hold the power button down on my laptop until the laptop turns off, which is of course not a good way to do things. Then I re-launch Dorico and everything seems OK till the next time it goes wrong.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong and what I should do different?

Cmd-N is a new project. Shift-N is Note Input. Which are you typing?

The wrong one, obviously! D’uh! Thanks for kicking me back on track.

Of course, Creating a New document shouldn’t freeze your computer either! If you really can’t Force Quit Dorico by right clicking on its Dock icon, or using Force Quit in the Apple menu, then something is very wrong indeed.

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When this happens, it’s as though the mouse buttons and laptop keyboard become disabled. Can’t click on anything, including the Dock icon, or the Apple and force quit. Or anything. The spinning ball moves around when I move the mouse, but mouse clicking just quits. Only solution I’ve found is holding down the power button for five seconds and dealing with the after affects of that.

That is very odd, and I would investigate it. You don’t want to be doing a ‘hard-off’ all the time.
Use something like EtreCheck to provide a report of what you’ve got installed that might be causing problems. Test the behaviour in a brand new user account (to identify whether it’s a user or system-level issue).