Command request - Rename event

It would be nice to have a key command to rename the currently selected event / events.


Hi Alberto,
I think you mean “parts”.
-Select parts you need to rename
-In the info line click on the name and type new name.
If you don’t see the info line, activate it by filter button (on the top left).

Hi tomateck,

I really meant “events”. I use Cubase extensively to create sound effects, lots of them, usually small, on the same project. In the process I bounce small fragments very often, and I need to rename the new events as soon as they are created.

Of course I use the keyboard all I can, it’s much faster than using the mouse, I know I can click the name. I suppose that’s the purpose of the keyboard commands in the first place. However, as I said there is no command to rename events (or audio files which is the same at that level). Having that would increase my work flow greatly!