Command to close current window?

Working with Cubase is a big window shuffling game. Mixer, Instruments, FX, etc. It would greatly improve workflow having a key command to close the current window, but I can’t find this assignment in key commands. Standard OSX commands do not work (Command+W). I found a key assignment for “Edit VST”, but that only applies to open/close a VST instrument, doesn’t work with VST effects which is what I spend more time shuffling around.

Hi jamesdstark, welcome to the forums!

Here are some individual commands:

  1. If a part or audio clip is selected, hitting “enter” toggles its editor open and closed.

  2. “F2” is set up (by default I think) to toggle open/closed the transport bar.

  3. Similarly “F3” for the Mixer.

  4. “F4” - VST connections.

  5. “F11” VST Instruments [edited].

  6. If these keys didn’t come pre-assigned to those functions (I can’t remember if I set them up or they were that way out of the box), you can set up Key Commands (there’s a chapter in the manual explaining how, it’s actually pretty easy) and even Macro’s to do more things.

  7. Finally, like in Windows, you can use ALT-“insert letter here” to access the drop downs at the top. (For example ALT-F will drop down the File menu, then (I’m not in front of it now) maybe “S” to save, or “A” to save as, etc. Don’t forget, you can use this to actually switch between project windows!

F11 is VST instruments, not connections :wink:
F5 is mediabay, F6 is Pool (I think) etc.

Just try em!

Duly edited - thanks!

I’m well aware of all those key commands. My issue I would have to say is primarily with effect plug-ins. The only solution I’ve found, is by using workspaces, you can use a key command to restore a layout, which also makes open windows like plugins go away.

This might seem trivial, but when you do certain actions thousands and thousands of times, a key command shortcut can greatly improve efficiency and ease. And I definitely tire of getting junk out of the way when I’m done editing, like effects, or the key editor. The key editor you can assign to a key, but the problem is pressing that key again does not make it close.