Command to directly open stereo bus?

Is there a key command to directly open the master stereo bus channel settings? Right now I go f3 then ‘e’ on stereo output, but I’d like a one button solution. I feel like there must be, but though I search and search…no luck. Thanks for any help!

This type of thing would be done using a macro containing a Project Logical Editor preset plus the command, open Device Panel.

Brilliant! I made a two step macro for this:

  1. Devices-Mixer
  2. Edit-Edit Channel Settings

Assigned it a key command…Works like a charm! Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Oh, that only works if the stereo bus is currently selected in the mixer; otherwise, it opens the settings for whatever happens to be the currently selected channel. Any hints on how to make this reliably open just the master bus regardless of which track is selected?

Try my suggestion.

I think I misunderstood your comment, sorry! Upon second read, I still can’t figure out how to do what you’re suggesting. I’m new to macros and, while I’ve now managed to open the Project Logical Editor (progress!), I still can’t figure out how to get it to do this task. Can you walk me through that a little slower?

Sure, it’s definitely not intuitive, try this:

In project window:

  1. Click the Global Write-enable button to create automation tracks for input/output busses.

  2. create this in Project Logical Editor:

It will appear in the Key Commands P.L.E. section with the name you saved it as, use that in your macro, followed by Open Device Panel.

Assign the Key Command in the Macro section.

that’s some effort, nice graphics! :] i’d just add the ‘parameter’ string needs to contain whatever the 2BUS is named; some people may find it easier to change the 2BUS name to something else (myself included).

Good note.

I figured the OP’s output buss was still named with the default…

Wow. There’s no way I would have sorted that on my own. Thank you! This is now stored with my default starting template. Stereo bus with a single key command? Luxurious!

Oh dear… I lost the plot somewhere…

@SG - made your Macro as above; then tried to follow Steve’s very helpful pics and instruction - but I ain’t got it working like you say you have. I still only get the currently selected tracks Channel Edit window…

I say tried, because I’ve a few things I’m confused on:- I don’t get the need for No.1 in Steve’s recipe; what is this trying to achieve…? Second, should I still need ‘Open Device Panel’ if I’ve already got the mixer open on monitor 2, full-screen; third, I can’t properly fathom the order/sequence of commands in the macro, including the PLE preset, to get this to work… :frowning:

Any more insight chaps please…?
Many thanks…!

SG’s macro is different from what I suggest. This creates a one key shortcut to get directly to the output tracks Channel Edit Window.

To get the outputs to appear in the Project window, which don’t otherwise. The PLE doesn’t search in the mixer.

Open Device Panel opens the Channel Edit Window, so yes. (“Open Device Panel” and “Edit Channel Settings” are synonyms here)

Also note that the track whose name the PLE searches for cannot be inside a closed folder. (limitation of the PLE).

Does that make sense? This is admittedly kludgy.

Sorry for late response on this… been away…

Many thanks for your input again Steve…! Just got round to re-checking all this and with your further insight, I have it working a treat… :slight_smile:


btw. this will only work in case the master channel had been automated (and hence present in the arrange as a discreet track channel [that the PLE can identify and ‘select’]).

Indeed. that’s why I said

  1. Click the Global Write-enable button to create automation tracks for input/output busses


oh, i’d overlooked that, all good. :]

bumping super old thread but i’d love to be able to set up this macro. the picture that lays out the steps is now gone, and i seem to be missing at least one step… could someone please explain? i’m using Pro 9.5 but guessing it’s the same procedure

Well, if anyone still interested, I did it the following way

Create macros with the only one command
Edit - Edit Channel Settings


Project logical Editor
(Container Type is - Equal - FolderTrack - And
Name - Equal - Input/Output Channels)

Function - Transform
Track Operation - Folder - Open

This one is necessary if the stereo bus folder is closed, otherwise the following preset will not work, but we want our macro to execute no matter if the folder is opened or closed.


Project logical Editor

(Container Type is - Equal - Track And
Name - Equal - Stereo Out)

Function - Select
Macro - (the name of the macro you set in the first step)

Making a final macro with commands
Process Project Logical Editor - Preset 1
Process Project Logical Editor - Preset 2

STEP 5 (optional)
Setting a key command for this macro

Works perfect

Was this ever changed in Cubase 10, o do I have to resort to this method?