Command to move a track to a specific folder

A command to move a track to a specific folder track would be very much appreciated!

No you can move tracks to a new directory and rename it but not move them to a specific folder
Project: move selected tracks to new folder

I know, this is why I created this feature request. thanks though!

Ok but for me in any case I created macros which allow me to render the instrument tracks on site and to create a new folder with the newly created audio tracks
to rename it example “Ethnics” and hide the deactivated tracks

Hi there,
i want to let you know, that these option is possible and not a problem.
If you copy and move the folder with all data you get errors.
But you have to do it this way:
Chose “Create backup” in Cubase menu.
Then create a new folder where you want to get the new project.
The folder must be empty!
The backup function save your song (project) with all used data to the new folder you create.
It is also free from audio data, that is not used in this song.
It’s easy!

OP is talking about Folder Tracks, not file folders.


thanks, I edited my post