Commands for transposing up/down an octave not working

According to the manual, there are six commands for transposing notes:

These four are working:

Press Option ↑ to move notes up one staff position.
Press Option ↓ to move notes down one staff position.
Press Shift Option ↑ to transpose notes up a semitone.
Press Shift Option ↓ to transpose notes down a semitone.

But these two are NOT working:

Press Cmd Shift ↑ to transpose notes up an octave.
Press Cmd Shift ↓ to transpose notes down an octave.

When I attempt the latter, Dorico modifies my selection in unexpected ways, but does not transpose the notes. I’m in v2.0.0.1041.

Can anyone else confirm this?

Have you checked your Prefs>key commands? Might you have remapped some other action to those?

According to which manual?

I see this, which indicates Cmd+Alt+Up/Down for octave transposition

Well, at least according to this:

This has been reported here, and repeated here, but it seems as this is split into two similar topics in the online manual, this and this, and only the first one is updated.

Thank you, but no, I haven’t remapped anything to those shortcuts.

Regardless, whichever manual you’re looking at needs updating. Evidently some (most?) of the manuals have now been corrected. It’s Cmd-Alt, not Cmd-Shift

According to Steinberg’s online manual for Dorico at

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 5.48.10 pm.jpg

Then the online manual (to which I linked above) is in error, because it lists modifier keys for the octave shortcuts as Command Shift (which doesn’t work), whereas the version in your screenshot, Command Option, does work.

(Steinberg, this needs to be corrected, please.) :slight_smile:

Thanks, pianoleo, for helping me discover the misprint.

By the way, when posting in the forum, how do you get your images to be displayed in the body of the message? I’ve been clicking the “Place inline” button, but when I view my posts, I only see link to view the images on a separate page; they’re not displayed in the body of the message, which is what I’d prefer.

Thanks again.

For inline images I’ve resorted to hosting images elsewhere and then linking to them in the post directly, using the [ img ] tags.

Got it. Thanks.

I do the same for the same reasons, but some people have reported ( that this makes those images invisible if there is a difference in security between the hosting site and the forum.

  1. Submit the post in the usual way.
  2. Copy the URL of the link to the image in the post.
  3. Edit your post, and use the img tags around the URL.

Ben, I’ve stopped recommending that method because it stopped working for me two months ago. See here:

The forum administrators don’t seem to care.

Dear all,

Yes there was a mistake in this topic which has now been corrected, however it appears updates to the 1(.2) manual have not been carried across to V2 in this interim period before V2 documentation is ready/different from 1.2

I have asked about this, so hopefully this should be fixed soon. Well, hopefully V2 documentation will start being updated soon too…

In the meantime, please refer to the 1.2 manual for the most up-to-date documentation.

Hmh, how to choose between the manuals?
When I open there is no option to choose the version?!?

The clue is the “v2” in

I don’t know exactly where it’s linked from, though. I guess maybe the OP googled what they were looking for.

If you click either of the options (PDF or online), you’ll notice you’re taken by default to the version 1 docs - there’s a “v1” in the address, like here:

For other Steinberg products that have documentation for different versions, there’s options to select a version earlier in the process, starting from here:

Got it! It’s just for the clever guys … :slight_smile:
One question: the German Manual is always far behind of the English Version, therefore I always consult the English Manual, when I want to have a look. Would it be possible to add a link to the English Version in the “Hilfe” menu as well?

You’ll get to the nominal “v2” pages if you go via the Help menu in Dorico itself, but of course at the moment this is redirected on the server side to the v1 docs, and at least for the time being not the most up-to-date version.

Heiko, the plan is that in time the German version will not lag behind the English version by more than a few weeks, but we’re still in the process of catching up with everything that has already been written. Once the updates are smaller and of a more manageable nature the German docs will stay closer to the English ones.

I would recommend saving a bookmark in your browser, since clicking the link in the Help menu in Dorico is going to open your browser anyway.

I always forget that Heiko speaks German. When I read HeiPet I always assume he’s from somewhere in north-east England…

Sorry for my strong accent …