Commands popup won't go away

I opened this wonderful new feature by pressing Ctrl+J (on windows).
Now it’s open forever. Nothing I do closes it.
I select a funcition and hit Enter: The function is executed by window stays open
I press Ctrl+J again, window still open.
I press Escape: Window still open.
I switch between modes, it’s still there.

Is this a bug or am I missing something obvious?

You are definitely experiencing a bug. It does not do this for me. Time to close and reopen dorico.

Please note that the shortcut for the jump bar is just J on its own with no modifiers.

If you’re able to work out under what circumstances the jump bar can be summoned but then doesn’t go away on its own when you click outside it or otherwise interact with the score, please let me know.

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Yeah, no matter what I do, it’s there. Even when switching between modes and layouts.

Now that it’s stuck, you should quit and restart Dorico to get rid of it. But do let me know if you are able to get it to stick on demand, because that’s something I would want to fix.

Can’t reproduce for now. Hopefully it’s a one time glitch.
It’s it’s at all helpful, I opened it, typed rallentando to select the feathered beaming option, and while it did apply the feathered beaming, the menu stayed open

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I figure it out the problem! You have to type in the Box Delete J and will do the trick.

I just had this problem too. However, delete J hasn’t helped. I will have to restart the program :slightly_frowning_face:

What if you do a simple command, press enter and then just ctrl-z to undo after the dialogue closes?

Every now and then, I face the same glitch in Dorico with the jump bar persisting on my screen. I usually type ‘quit’ in the jump bar and then hit ENTER. The moment I do this, the jump bar disappears. Subsequently, a window pops up, asking if I’d like to save my changes or not before quitting;… . Naturally, I select ‘cancel’, allowing me to resume my work in Dorico without any interruptions.

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Thank you

I had the same issue today.