Commencing Play does not select Program

During “Play” (>), In the “Inspector” on a given (track/midi channel) the “Program Selector” is changed to a different “Voice”. Immediately, the sound produced by the keyboard/synthesizer receiving on that channel changes to the new voice.

However, if the keyboard/synthesizer is set to an inappropriate voice before “Play” is pressed, no change is made to the voice. The entire track plays in the incorrect voice as if the command to select the appropriate voice is not sent from Cubase to the Instruments at the moment of commencing “Play”

In addition, no way has been found to automate Program Selector changes in real time. If, as the track is playing, the [R] [W] indicators are active and Program Selector changes are made during play/record no automation track is setup as is the case with controller/volume/pan adjustments. Since this automation lane can not be made, chase testing in regards to real time Program Selector changes can not be verified as well.

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