Comment about Dorico

I have a piano sonata that I completed in Finale that needed many corrections. I was going to fix it in Finale but decided to re-transcribe it in full in Dorico. I have to say that I was amazed at the result. First of all, I spent an awful lot of time formatting the pages and adjusting dynamics, hairpins, beams, etc…I thought at the time that I did a pretty good job in Finale but when I re-did it in Dorico, the result was assume. I found the time I spent on formatting and adjusting was a fraction of the time I spent doing this work in Finale. I’d like to thank Daniel and the development team for the great work they put in so for.

Thanks, Nicholas. We all know that Dorico has a way to go, but I’m glad you are already seeing the promise in the application. Please be sure to tell your friends and colleagues that Dorico is worth a look.